About Us

Klein Technology Consulting (KTC) was formed in March 2013, with offices in the city of Rieden, Gemeinde Obersiggenthal, in the Canton Aargau, Switzerland. The company is a single owner proprietorship (Einzeluntermehmung), whose owner is Albert J. Klein, MS, MBA, a US citizen living in Switzerland. Mr. Klein currently has a “C” residence permit, which is the equivalent of a permanent residence permit. KTC’s focus is in-depth customer-oriented technical support in the areas of

  • technical program management

  • technical services and consulting in power generation, both nuclear and conventional

  • strategic planning and technology road mapping

  • technical writing (English)

  • competitive market analysis and business intelligence gathering

  • customer liaison.

The dynamic and competitive nature of the current energy production market requires flexibility in the analysis of technology trends in all energy production sectors, and the capability to present this information in a structured and intelligible manner for decision makers. There is a strong need for experienced program managers who have diverse skills in a number of different knowledge areas, with the ability to work in a multi-cultural team environment and formulate strategic plans and technical solutions. KTC fits the bill in this regard.

We leverage this extensive experience to offer potential customers a unique offering of technical and management expertise and skills. KTC is able to successfully operate in multi/cultural and multi/lingual work, as Mr. Klein is fluent in English, with strong capabilities in German, and has working proficiency in French and Russian. Mr. Klein has managed projects with a diverse set of R&D project team members from various countries and technical background/skills, and brings this knowledge and experience to KTC. Mr. Klein works with Dr. Waihung Leung, an expert in nuclear and conventional power generation, to offer a broad range of technical and consulting services. For references and more information on KTC's capabilities, please visit the references and resume page.

KTC is located below: