Biography/Resume Dr. Waihung Leung

Dr. Waihung Leung was born in Hong Kong, educated in the US and has a permanent residence card in Switzerland. He joins Klein Consulting Technology as an expert in the power generation (both conventional and nuclear) industry. Dr. Leung has more than 25 years experience as a senior engineer and project manager, with a good track record of completing complex multi-discipline projects in time and in budget. He has been involved in large-scale research and engineering projects on the order of millions of Euros, as well as smaller engineering projects in the 100K Euro range.

In his latest position as senior engineer and project manager at AF Consult, Switzerland, Dr. Leung conducted thermal hydraulics and criticality safety analyses of the nuclear power plants in compliance with safety regulations. He also worked extensively on the technical improvements of the power plant safety and participated in the design changes for adapting the Westinghouse AP1000 to the European Market.

Though Dr. Leung worked many years in the nuclear energy field, he started his college studies in electrical engineering and received both bachelor’s and master’s degree from Polytechnic Institute of NYU in New York, USA. Later he went on his graduate studies in Purdue University, Indiana, USA and obtained a master's and doctoral degree in Nuclear Engineering. He has a broad knowledge base ranging from nuclear reactor theory and reactor operations to electricity generation. He has also worked extensively in instrumentation and controls during his graduate studies and his works in various laboratories in the US and Europe.