• Technical program management, which includes project planning, scheduling, management and coordination of technology development, technology team building and interaction, and R&D

  • Technical services and consulting in power generation, both nuclear and conventional

  • Technical report writing, based on customer’s needs (English)

  • Technology trends analysis, particularly in the plant asset management and condition based maintenance market space, and associated technology assessment reports

  • Customer representative for attendance at trade shows, technical conferences symposia to gather business intelligence

  • Customer liaison with potential partnerships or joint projects with US-based government and public institutions (DOE, NASA, TVA, National Nuclear Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Universities)

  • Market segmentation and competitive landscape analysis

  • Investment research and analysis (precious metals, battery metals, natural resources, uranium, plastics recovery and chemical recycling)

KTC continually evaluates the market place for consultant rates and product pricing. Based on this information, KTC will assure that our consultant rates, on either an hourly or fixed price basis, will be at or lower than the market rate. Fixed price consultant contracts can be arranged on a deliverable basis (analysis, report, presentation, research, etc.)

KTC’s distribution method will be dependent on the customer’s requirements. Generally, deliverables will be in the form of reports and analyses, which may be electronically transmitted to the customer. For other services, such as program management, the distribution method will rely on face-to-face on-site site interaction with the customer’s management and technical staff.